Coral Expeditions

“For 40 years, we have operated with a single focus – to take like minded guests to remote natural areas with expert guidance and warm Australian hospitality.

Having travelled over 400 nights onboard and experienced all our destinations, I find the most powerful and unique aspects of our product to be the interaction and connection forged between guests that come from backgrounds who instantly unite with like minds and the enjoyment of been able to explore and learn about these remote areas. Our ships especially conjure relationships that form lasting friendships well beyond the cruise. With no barriers such as assigned dining areas or excursion rosters, there is an inclusive culture that ensures guests and crew come together on a shared adventure. This creates a relaxed environment that evokes banter and a spirit of camaraderie that is truly unique to our small ship experience.

With more ships offering remate area travel than ever before, it can be a crowded and confusing market to navigate. The following are the reasons that our loyal guests choose Coral Expeditions over the competition and trust us year after year to deliver lifelong memories.”

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